Convocourses Podcast: course update continuous monitoring and other issues

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0:00 Start Page Convocourses
0:55 Earn CEUs CPEs on ConvoCourses
9:43 Failed the ISC2 CAP
22:25 Continous Monitoring in the Course
29:57 College Lab work on Resume
34:44 Separation of Duties with one person (ISSO)
40:08 Implementation of security controls resources (part 1)
49:33 Implementation of security controls resources (part 2)
56:09 My Security Assessor Course

Convocourses Podcast: RMF Course Updates New & NIST-53a

There are some updates to the RMF Courses and many more to come.

0:00​ blank intro
0:40​ Start of convocourse podcast
1:43​ Helping with Master Degree on Nist RMF
2:38​ Complete Course of NIST RMF
5:45​ RMF NIST Course as an Audio file
7:40​ RMF NIST Security Control Interpretation
11:40​ ISSO lean to Support the team
15:52​ Cannot get an ISSO Job
17:34​ Security Control Family Interpretation
21:57​ NIST RMF 800 and Privacy added
29:15​ illegal pricing
31:33​ ISC2 CAP vs ISSO work