Convocourses Podcast: Updates, Cybersecurity Path, 8140

Today’s podcast talks about updates to the RMF ISSO Security Controls Documentation courses is going to be updated soon: (Configuration management security controls are being added).
The price will increase soon so the time to buy is NOW (11/16/2020)!

We go into what IT certification you need for Information System Security Work (#ISSO). We show him a breakdown of the DoD 8140 which talks about cyber workforce requirements.

We talk about getting Splunk and other internal training at jobs.

Someone asked, “what is the future of Cybersecurity? and what certifications do I think will be needed in the future?
Cloud technology. Cloud tech will be as important as knowing basic networking.

We talk about FedRAMP and give an overview of what it is about.
We answer the question “what is the career path to cybersecurity analyst?”

We also talk about the importance of protecting your privacy. Search yourself on
We also discuss bein in the IT office and avoiding politics and other sensitive topics.

ConvoCourses Podcast: POAM-Mitigation, News, Networking RMF

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5 videos on Remote IT Work (https://securitycompliance.thinkific….)
3 videos added to RMF ISSO Documentation (https://securitycompliance.thinkific….)
4 videos added to Resume Marketing for CyberSecurity IT (https://securitycompliance.thinkific….)

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